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Ariana Grande- Into You (Alex Ghenea Remix) [OFFICIAL]

Title : Ariana Grande- Into You (Alex Ghenea Remix) [OFFICIAL]
Artist : Mason Kelter
Release : 13 Jul 2016
Duration : 3.40
Type File : Audio MP3 (.mp3)


Here is an amazing remix of Ariana Grande's "Into You" released as a single in 2016, from the album "Dangerous Woman". The song itself was already great, but this remix is even better and I urge you to share it! The remix was done by Alex Ghenea, and the audio you hear on this video is actually the official WAV, which is the highest audio quality there is. Tell me what you think of this remix!

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I am not affiliated with Ariana Grande, nor am I affiliated with Alex Ghenea (The maker of this remix). If you would like a copy of this MP3 or WAV for your own use, please email me at [email protected]!
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