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Subhumans - Reason For Existence

Title : Subhumans - Reason For Existence
Artist : Ficklestein
Release : 9 Mar 2010
Duration : 2.32
Type File : Audio MP3 (.mp3)


What's your reason for existence?
Do you believe in anything?
Or does your lifestyle contradict
The words you write, the songs you sing?

Are you happy in your work
As you protest about the unemployed
You don't wanna work but you need the money
The reality you can't avoid
But do you wanna work for the money?
Do you wanna work for the system?
Are you happy as you vote
To keep the parasites alive?
You don t want to vote but you think you should
They said it was right and you never asked why
But do you wanna vote for your conscience?
Do you want to vote for the system?
Are you happy signing up
In the army just to get some pay?
Fighting a war without a cause
Can you manage to ignore your self-decay?
But do you wanna fight for your country?
Do you wanna fight for the system?
You're their reason for existence
They use you to finance their state
The words you shout with such conviction
Is it the only way to express your hate?
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